Bigfork in Flathead County, Montana, is nestled within the Rocky Mountains and boasts a rich history and stunning geography. With a population of 5,373 in 2023, it's no wonder why Bigfork has become a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

The name Bigfork is believed to have originated from the Salish language, but others argue that it is a reference to the fork where the Flathead River and Swan River flow into Flathead Lake. Regardless of its origins, Bigfork is a prime location for those looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Montana.

The history of Bigfork dates back to as early as 1885, with reports of a homestead and orchard in the area. In 1892, Everit L. Sliter set out 500 apples, cherry, plum, and pear trees on the east shore of Flathead Lake and went on to become the first postmaster in 1901. By 1902, Sliter had platted the Bigfork townsite at the mouth of the Swan River and the east shore had become a major cherry-growing area. Today, Wayfarers State Park lies just south of Bigfork, offering visitors the chance to explore and connect with nature.

Bigfork is located in south-central Flathead County, at the north end of Flathead Lake. It is 18 miles away from Kalispell, which can be reached via Montana Highway 35, Montana Highway 82, and U.S. Route 93. Highway 35 runs through the center of Bigfork, proceeding south along the eastern shore of Flathead Lake, rejoining US 93 at Polson. According to the United States Census Bureau, Bigfork has a total area of 37.3 square miles, with 31.2 square miles of land and 6.1 square miles (16.25%) of water.

Kalispell has a public library and two high schools, Flathead High School and Glacier High School, as well as Flathead Valley Community College. The city is at the intersection of U.S. Routes 2 and 93 and is serviced by Glacier Park International Airport, which is approximately 8 miles northeast of Kalispell. Kalispell City Airport offers general aviation services, while Amtrak's Empire Builder service is available in Whitefish, approximately 15 miles north of the city. Eagle Transit, an agency of Flathead County, offers local transit services within Kalispell and connecting the city to Columbia Falls and Whitefish.

Bigfork School District educates students from kindergarten to 12th grade, providing a comprehensive education for all students in the area. With a focus on student achievement and a commitment to excellence, Bigfork School District is dedicated to preparing students for success in the future.

Bigfork, Montana is a must-visit destination for those who appreciate both natural beauty and historical significance. Its rich history dates back to 1885 and it is situated in the picturesque Rocky Mountains. With its location at the north end of Flathead Lake and proximity to Kalispell, Bigfork is easily accessible for visitors.

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